Organic Mushroom Growing Workshop

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On 14th March 2017 we provided our first ever Mushroom Growing Workshop here at Windmill Community Gardens, thanks to generous funding from Nineveh. The workshop was provided by Dr Ashley Mills who is a self-confessed ‘passionate mushroom growing geek’ and an especially ‘funguy’ to have on board. (Bet you haven’t heard that one before)

The workshop was attended by 22 people, a mixture of volunteers, participants and staff. This number also included 7 people who were completely new to our project which was great to see. Some of the participants comments about their experience include;

‘I didn’t realise that you can actually grow mushrooms yourself, I’ve never even thought about that until now’

‘Ashley’s knowledge was amazing and he explained things in a very simple easy to understand way, this was great’

‘I would like to attend more sessions like these, please provide more’

I didn’t know anything about growing mushrooms, especially that I could grow them at home’

‘Knowing that we will have our own mushrooms in a few months’ time is so exciting’

‘How to use my waste as a tree surgeon to grow food was the best and most useful thing I’ve learnt in a while. This workshop was very hands on and Ashley was great as a teacher’

As a result of this workshop, the wellbeing group have taken on the mushroom growing as an ongoing project, watering and tending to them and the result of this will be that we will have our own organically grown mushrooms for all us all to try.

One staff member has taken impregnated coffee grounds home and is storing them under her stairs as another way to grow the mushrooms and will report back on their progress.

The day was a huge success, with the majority of people requesting more workshops just like it; as a result we are working on how we can provide further self-sustaining workshops in the future.

Thank you Nineveh for funding this new experience, it was a fantastic new project, which we will now sustain and continue to grow our own mushrooms for all to benefit and learn from.


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