History of WCG

The project was started in 2004 in response to local parents request for a safe place for natural outdoor play and to grow vegetables. The project was initially funded in partnership between the Surestart Centres in Millmead and Margate, the Primary care trust and Thanet District council, who kindly offered the derelict site. (We now operate as a service wing of Millmead Children’s Centre Partnership [MCCPL]).

Quickly the project expanded from a few disused allotments to a one acre inclusive community garden. Over the years WCG has delivered food, gardening, wildlife, environmental crafts, greenwood working and bee keeping activities to numerous groups and individuals.

Groups include, Kent Youth Service, Connexions, Princes Trust, scout groups, dads groups, over 55’s, youth offending team. In addition the project has reached out and set up gardens and projects within schools and nurseries and other community gardens within East Kent.

In 2010 the project expanded further to take on another one acre of derelict allotments to create an organic market garden to sell produce grown via our own vegetable box scheme and to local groups and restaurants. This was a 3 year grant from the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Local Food’ programme.