I just wanted to email to say how happy I am to have joined your scheme. It has encouraged me to try lots of new recipes and I get really excited every Thursday to find out what I’ve got in my bag, Everything we’ve had so far has been SOOOO tasty. The quality of the veg is to a very high standard and I love the fact I get a really good selection and something different all the time. I don’t know if I’m allowed to be this cheeky…but I love, love, love the greens…Chard etc they are REALLY good so I’d always love them when you get them in. The recipe sheet you put in is a really good idea too.

I am one VERY happy customer 🙂

- Kirsty, Vegetable Scheme Customer December 2016

“I only live across the road; I have had leaflets from the Windmill Community Gardens through my door loads of times before but have never had the courage to come by myself. My neighbour volunteers here so she persuaded me to come today to the pumpkin party. It was great, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so long, and will definitely come again”

- Participant at the Pumpkin Party Oct 2015

Years ago I lived across the road and this site was just a few bits of wire fencing and patchy grass, now its been totally transformed and provides a valued community space for the local area. I started growing chillies and sunflowers with my little girl so came along to your food growing course to learn more, now I’m a regular member of the Tuesday Gardening Club.

- Darren, Tuesday Gardening Club member

I have been coming along to the project for just over a year, I like the people, I like what we do, you learn so much.  Doesn’t matter how much you know, you are not judged, this place is just good for you in every way.

- Maureen, volunteer since 2014

Being here has helped me with my confidence.  I am more confident when meeting new people and have enjoyed learning how vegetables grow, how to harvest them and going out with the driver to deliver orders to local restaurants and take veg bags to the drop off points.

- Carl, on work placement

When I moved to the area someone recommended I visit Windmill if I wanted to buy fresh organic vegetables.  I came along and have never left!  The people are what make this place, there’s a great sense of camaraderie and the environment is so calming.

- Pippa, volunteer since 2012

‘My veg bag has helped me get more veg into my diet and my families. We eat a greater variety of vegetables and types of meals. I spend less time shopping too, which as a working mum of two really adds up. But mostly I feel better, have more energy and feel happier about what I’m feeding my family. Thanks Windmill, keep those bags coming.’

- Marie, Ramsgate, veg box member since 2011