Forest Garden Group

Monthly Sessions every second Tuesday 1.30 to 3pm

Come and join in with our exciting project.

This inspiring idea is based on a forest edge stacked in layers of edible trees, shrubs, perennial vegetables and other useful plants. By copying a natural system, there is less work and more food yields than conventional food growing systems. It’s also great for wildlife, climate change resilient and beautiful.

We will be mulching, planting, planning and foraging once a month. We will also explore the 7F’s of forest gardens: Food, Fodder, Fuel, Pharmacy! Fun, Fertiliser and Fibre.

Windmill Community Gardener, Jo Barker, an experienced forest gardener and designer will be leading this session.

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February 2017 Update

After an exciting design session in our developing forest garden. We have given the area a “Purpose” as a productive peace plot,  it will have a primary function as a place to have a quiet cup of tea, time to reflect or just watch the wildlife (or watch busy growers working away). The forest garden will be very productive too as a garden to forage in.

our next session Thursday 14th March with a special guest Dr Ashley Mills with “An Introduction to growing Mushrooms” details to follow

November 2016 Update

A design is slowly emerging for the developing forest garden. We have an established orchard which we will breathe new life into. The main idea is to give this area a wellbeing and learning function. There will be information about each plant including its yields, medicinal qualities, how we can eat it and if we can use it in any other ways. We plan to propagate new plants and/ or collect seeds.
At our November session. we measured the boundary of the site and will draw up a base plan as the next stage in creating a design. We also dug up more of the central area trying to remove bindweed. We aim to not dig at all but this particular plant can be very problematic in establishing the perennial vegetables we hope to get into this bit. Many strawberry plants were planted under the blackcurrants providing an edible groundcover. We also saw 3 lizards.
We have just finished harvesting all the apples, pears, hazelnuts and medlars. I wonder what there will be to eat in December.

Jo Barker 24.11.2016

September 2016 Update

The design is beginning to develop as we transform the orchard into a foraging food forest. Mapping out the developing forest garden area, it suddenly feels more like a garden. We foraged lots of apples and some blackberries. There are more apples, pears and cob nuts to harvest as well as the more unusual edibles such as the wild mallow and yarrow.

Jo Barker 22.09.2016

Next Sessions: 13th December 2016, 10th January 2017, 14th February, 14th March, 11th April, 9th May, 13th June, 11th July, 8th August, 12th September, 10th October, 14th November, 12th December 2017

All are welcome to join these sessions, no need to book! please wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01843 280 555 or